Self Selected Pin

We offer the convenience for you to eFile a completely Paperless Federal return. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), based on the experience gained from the the ECN Pilot Program and the Practitioner PIN Pilot Program of many years ago, made it possible for virtually all qualifying taxpayers to electronically sign (eSign) their tax returns by entering a five digit self selected pin number along with a piece of previous year tax data, which is referred to as the “shared secret”. The shared secrets consist of the previous year’s adjusted gross income amounts with a tolerance of +/- $1.00 (One Dollar). For the case of joint filers, the information must be entered for both, even if it is the same information. Our system is designed to provide these items automatically for our clients who have filed through us for the previous year. It should be noted that the information will have to be the same as it appeared in the originally filed and accepted return. If the return was modified and or amended later, the original numbers still are required for this purpose. Also the previous year PINs can be provided as a shared secrets.

All returns eFiled must be signed using eSignatures. The Form 8453 is no longer used as signature delivery document. The Form 8453-OL no longer exists.

Additional information may be obtained from the IRS offices or by calling 1-800-829-1040.

Please note that the IRS WILL check the information you submit for the prior year amount(s) of the “Shared Secret” (the AGI). If the amount(s) are not within the tolerances specified above, your return will be REJECTED and will have to resubmitted.

IMPORTANT: If you are not sure of the amount(s), contact the IRS and ask for them to issue you a PIN to use in association with your eFile.

The five digit eFile PIN should not be confused with the six digit Identity Protection PIN issued by the IRS in few situations.