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Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing (eFiling) of a return constructed by FileYourTaxes.com has always been free.

Customer Service

OnLine customer service is available free of charge, anytime of the day for all customers who paid the regular fee for our services. Those using our free services only may purchase this option separately. Be sure to always provide detailed information in your eMails to us.


Print your return 25 times or never! There is no limit to print free copies of your fee-based return.

Free File Alliance

FileYourTaxes.com offers free Federal tax return construction and eFiling to all qualified United States citizens and legal residents whose Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is between $8,500 and $60,000, and who were between the ages of 15 and 65 for the tax year, regardless of their state of residence . Free Federal extensions to file (IRS Form 4868) may be offered in the later part of the season. All taxpayers must be referred to us from the Free File page of the www.IRS.gov website and begin their return from the links on the resulting FileYourTaxes.com Free File landing page to qualify. For additional information Click Here.

FreeTax by FileYourTaxes.com

This program allows business eFiling benefits as well. The original filers of their own W-2s to the SSA and 1099s to the IRS may use our system for eFiling and printing up to a total of five W-2s or 1099s absolutely free of charge.