About The Product and Services

Our Fee Based Services

  • Federal Individual Form 1040, Form 1040A, and Form 1040EZ.
  • State Tax Returns. Including Multi-State filing.
  • Prior Year Tax Returns (Federal & State Returns). eFile is not available for any prior year return.
  • Federal Amendments Form 1040X and State Amendments for tax returns filed using our system.
  • Federal Extensions.

Our Free Services

  • No eFiling Fees. Pay only construction fees.
  • No Printing Fees during the Filing Season
  • eMail Support using our Secure eMail messaging system.
  • Personal 1040 Tax Center. Keep all your Tax Returns filed with us together by uploading your prior year return(s). Including one-click access to tax returns in the 1040 Tax Center.

Our Optional Services

  • Phone Support is offered for an additional fee of $17. Phone calls for QXDC on payment page are always free of charge.
  • Post Filing Membership is available for all current year returns. With this additional service, in the event you receive an IRS or State Letter, one of our Tax Specialists will review your tax return and IRS/State Letter with you.
  • Option to be mailed a paper copy of your Tax Return(s). Fax is also available. Prices Vary.
FileYourTaxes.com is a faster, convenient, contemporary, and hassle-free alternative to filing your taxes the old-fashioned way.

Business Taxes

FileYourTaxes.com offers a convenient and cost effective solution for eFiling your Form 1098s, 1099s and W2s to the IRS and Social Security Administration (SSA).

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  • Form W-2

Form 1098 Series:

  • 1098
  • 1098-C
  • 1098-E
  • 1098-T

Form 1099 Series:

  • 1099-B
  • 1099-C
  • 1099-DIV
  • 1099-INT
  • 1099-K
  • 1099-MISC
  • 1099-OID
  • 1099-PATR
  • 1099-R
  • 1099-S

FileYourTaxes.com is a fee based service. We will charge you a fee for the use of our system and services. This fee is payable by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS accepted) or you can prepay us by check or money order.

We will proceed with the construction and eFiling of your return only upon the funds clearance of your payment if you pay us by check.

You may also allow us to take it out of your refund if you apply for a bank or financial institution product, provided that this option is available in your state or jurisdiction.


FileYourTaxes.com will construct and transmit your taxes. However, we will not act as your official tax preparer.

If you choose to file your taxes with our system, we assume that you are familiar with the tax laws and regulations that apply to you. If you do not possess this familiarity, we recommend that you seek professional assistance.

You are also responsible for submitting correct and accurate information pertaining to your tax return. We will not assume any liability for the accuracy of data that you enter.