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In 1995, FileYourTaxes.com evolved out of a small family owned business incorporating a tax practice and a technology company in Southern California. Since then, we have been providing the highest quality in OnLine tax preparation just as we did in our local practice. Today, we are a recognized leader in the OnLine individual income tax preparation arena, and are adapting our unique methods to business tax, payroll tax, information return, and other filings.

We do this by carefully developing and testing each aspect of FileYourTaxes.com before it gets released and by listening to our users and implementing the features and amenities that they wish to work with. We ensure that client data is safe, secure, and yet accessible to the taxpayers whenever they need access to it, even during the busiest days of income tax season.

We have been involved in the development of OnLine filing since 1996. Our pioneering spirit was part of many pilot programs, including the Paperless Tax Return, eFile Customer Number (ECN) Pilot, SelfSelected PIN Pilot, Practitioner PIN Pilot, the Automatic Funds Withdrawal – ACH Debit and the I-PAYbyCreditCard integrated file and pay program using credit cards for balance due returns, to name a few with the IRS. Further, we partnered with the California Board of Equalization (BOE) in the development of first XML based OnLine sales tax filing as well as in the creation of the Customer Service Number (CSN) for the California Franchise Board . For the business and payroll tax filings, we are a partner in the TIGERS group, organized by the Federation of Tax Administrators for the purpose of XML standards development for tax eFiling, and contributed significantly to the STAWRS Initiative, developing single point filing methods, which, hence been mainlined into the IRS as the FSET program. Relevant to the payroll programs, as an industry partner our goal is to reduce the employer tax and wage reporting burden and serve the customer at a fair price.

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So after you try us out, and if you like what you see (we know you will) tell your friends about us. We happily hear from many of our new clients that they are actually referred by a friend.

Your Data Is Not Sold to Others

FileYourTaxes.com derives its revenue by charging user fees, which we consider reasonable for the services we provide (see our Pricing page for a list of or fees).

FileYourTaxes.com does not indiscriminately sell, barter or exchange your tax information in the market place or use your tax information for any reason other than you allow. We understand and appreciate the fact that your income tax data is extremely personal and have taken measures to ensure that the data stays private and secure. For more information please read our Privacy & Security Page.

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