Private Label Tax Software offers the industry leading private label tax software solution.

With over 50 million people who file their returns themselves, offering a high quality branded solution can supplement other related product offerings.

For private label customers, where possible, provides:

Full branding, replacing information with your company name and contact information
Using your company’s web site domain (URL)
Complete control of pricing and payment processor
Ability to issue coupon or promotion codes
Integration to refund settlement product providers
Ability to rewrite or provide interactive content to user input screens.

In general, also provides the following additional services. Private label customers who are Authorized eFile Providers, may choose to perform these functions as well.

Customer Support
eFile transmission to IRS

Private label customers have access to the Software Services API that offers the ability for a private label customer to further enhance the OnLine tax filing experience. For more information, please contact at 805.256.1788.