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FileYourTaxes.com was built online in 1996 as a true cloud based tax preparation. Being built online we save you time and money. FileYourTaxes.com is one of the few tax software options that protect your privacy, and does not sell other financial products and never sells your personal information. When you file with us, you will get your return done quickly. If you owe tax to the IRS, it is easy to pay from your bank account or credit card. If you are due a refund, we have options to get your refund quickly through eFile and direct deposit.

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Just want to File Your Taxes? We offer pure tax preparation software. Our system does not mix offers for loans, credit cards, books or other offers with the tax preparation to distract you from getting your return done and your refund in your hands. Other than what you need to file your taxes, get your refund and pay any taxes you might owe. FileYourTaxes.com is fast, easy, and secure. Start your return today.

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