Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Can I receive my refund directly deposited to my bank account?

A : Yes. The IRS and many states allow you, the taxpayer, to receive your personal income tax refund via direct deposit - at no additional charge. However, the Government is not obligated to comply with your request to have your refund directly deposited. If your request is approved by IRS, the FMS will deposit your refund to your chosen bank account. States do the same directly. Information regarding payment of federal tax refunds can be found in IRS Publication 2043 for the current tax year.


If you select the Direct Deposit option, you will need to provide the following information:

  1. Your financial institution's Routing Transit Number (RTN) which is found on the bottom-left corner of your check. It should contain nine digits and the first two numbers must be 01-12 or 21-32.  If you are unsure of your RTN or if you are unsure whether you can have your refund directly deposited, please contact your financial institution first and get any necessary information.

  2. Your Depositor Account Number (DAN) , usually found just after the RTN on your check. This may also be referred to as your account number with your bank or financial institution.

  3. The Type of Account you have with the financial institution.

It is recommended that you do NOT use deposit slips to obtain your RTN or DAN, as they may be misleading.  Contact your bank or financial institution if you have any questions.


Other notes on Direct Deposit:

  • This option is available for the current year filing only, normally through the 15th of October. Once you make the choice, it is not rescindable. The RTN or DAN cannot be changed unless the return is rejected.

  • The account you designate for Direct Deposit must bear your name.  If your refund is in you and your spouse's name, be sure to check with your bank or financial institution.

  • If you have someone else preparing your tax return, he/she may require you to show proof of your account and to identify the financial institution by name.


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