Recommends Taxpayers File an Extension

Due to IRS potential processing delays, strongly recommends that all taxpayers, especially those with balance returns file an extension later in the tax season.


Balance Due Taxpayer Instructions

If you have a balance due return and will pay electronically, recommends that taxpayers make their tax payment with an extension rather than making it with the tax return. Then, on the personal income tax return, include extension payment in the Payments section of the tax return.


If you include your payment with your Form 1040 Personal Income Tax Return and the IRS rejects your return they will also reject your payment. The IRS can reject your return for many reasons including errors in user input or other filing issues. In general, extensions have less information that can cause rejects, so it is more likely that an extension will be accepted and your payment processed.


Please be careful to include the payment only on the tax return or on the extension. If you include it on the extension, you can add the payment amount into the payments section on your tax return.


Refund Taxpayer Instructions

If you have a refund return, recommends filing an extension to ensure your return is timely filed.


Instructions to File an Extension

After you log into your account, you can add the Federal Extension by clicking that option on the Navigation Page.