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State returns can be eFiled for an additional $35.50 for Free File Returns. Value-Added Services sells value-added products and additional services that are not available or sold through the Free File program. If you would like to view this company's paid product and service offers, you may click the "Let Me See Value-Added Offers" button below. There is no obligation to buy anything, and you may return to this company's Free File site from the web page if you wish to file a free return.

Value-Added Offers

If you qualify, only the Federal Return will be constructed and filed for free. The state return can be constructed for an additional fee of $35.50. For Free File Returns, Personalized Customer Service, if needed is not included in Free File. OnLine Printing of a filed return by you downloading a .pdf file is free. The system capabilities and limitations, including Forms Supported should be viewed to determine if the capabilities and forms available are applicable and sufficient for you. Tax returns and extensions to file, when available, are two separate filings. If the return is tagged as a free return, it will not tag the extension filing as a free process, and the other way around. Each a have to tagged independently to qualify for the respective free offer. Tax return data sent between you and us is transmitted securely via HTTPS and in the event that you leave the client computer terminal, for your security, your session will time out after a period of time. Direct Debit, Automatic Withdrawal of Funds and Self Selected PIN features are available.