Concerned about meeting IRS Mandates for Forms 1099 and W2? offers a convenient and cost effective solution for generating 1099s and W2s.

Our system allows you to input the information, print a paper copy and file your information.

Supported Forms:

  • W2

  • 1099 and 1098 Series

1098 1098-C 1098-E 1098-T
1099-DIV 1099-B 1099-C 1099-K
1099-INT 1099-PATR 1099-R 1099-MISC
1099-OID 1099-S

Pricing Structure:

Number of

Individual Forms Filed

1-4 Free!
5-12 $ 35.00
13-25 $ 67.00

$ 67.00

+ $2.50 for each additional form over 25



+$2.00 for each additional form over 99

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