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Printing the Accepted eFile Returns

You can print the main form and many of the pages of your return when you are at the Summary page. These printable forms are marked with the "PDF" icon next to them. You can print your final eFiled return once it is accepted.   Due to the fact that returns may get rejected, this delay is imposed by the system to deliver the final return copy.

We deliver the printable files for you to download in .pdf format.  Normally, you may use a popular browsers to read the files with the aid of the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  We recommend the use of current major browsers. It is our understanding that the Adobe Reader and the browsers may be downloaded free of charge from their respective websites.

We recommend the following procedures and alternatives regarding the printing of your return.

AFTER your return is accepted, please go to our home page at


Select "Click Here to Begin"

Log onto the system

From the Navigation Page, Choose "Print completed forms" radio button or the clickable

Choose the form(s) you wish to print.

Certain "readers" that are supplied with products that are different then the Adobe Acrobat may not function properly.  As indicated above, be sure that you have the most recent version of the browser suggested and the Adobe Acrobat reader.

If you still have difficulty, you may order the printed forms and mailing envelopes for a fee from us.  If you have changed address, it is important to let us know.  Otherwise all documents will be sent to the address of record we have for you.

If you need to communicate with us, it is very important that you always log into your return and send a secure message from within the system.


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