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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is ePostmark?

A : FileYourTaxes.com provides an electronic postmark (ePostmark) to each completed and constructed return filed by our system. The ePostmark is based on our system clock, located in the United States Pacific Time Zone. Taxpayers must adjust the ePostmark to the time zone where they reside to determine the postmark’s actual time.

The receipt of an ePostmark provides filers with confidence that they have filed their return timely. The date of the ePostmark is considered to be the date of filing when the date of ePostmark is on or before the prescribed due date, even if  the return is received by the IRS after the prescribed due date for filing.  This is similar to the postmark generated by the post office for an item mailed.

All requirements pertaining to the signing of the return,  timely resubmission of a rejected timely filed return must be adhered to for the ePostmark to be considered as the date of filing. If the ePostmark is after the prescribed deadline for filing, the IRS actual receipt date, not the date of the ePostmark, becomes the filing date.

The ePostmark, in effect tells the tax agencies when the completed, fileable return was perfected and received by us. We consider the return to be received when the return data entry process is completed, the payment of a fee, if applicable is made, and the filing is submitted for electronic filing by the user.

Once an ePostmark is generated, we retain this ePostmark as your ePostmark of record. In the event that your return is rejected, the corrected return will be submitted with the same ePostmark for a specified period of time. If however, the time allowed for retransmission of the rejected return is beyond that allowed by the Government due going beyond the date of normal filing deadline, a new ePostmark will be issued and that new ePostmark will be your ePostmark of record in our system.  In the latter case, it is presumed that, in the absence of an extension, the filing may be considered to be late and create associated penalties and interest.

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