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Customer Service

The FileYourTaxes.com system has two levels of customer service. They are

  • Automated Customer Service, and

  • Personalized Customer Service


Automated Customer Service

Automated Customer Service is a free option available to all users of FileYourTaxes.com. Automated Customer Service includes our OnLine Questions & Answers web pages, automated eMail notices, and automated replies from our eMail the Taxman secure eMail feature.

Personalized Customer Service

Personalized Customer Service is a fee based option included in our Full Service Basic Fee and as described on our Pricing Page. Personalized Customer Service includes individually answered secure eMails and other types of customer service. Many times taxpayers will use Personalized Customer Service to inquire about their tax return after it has been filed. Most answers to questions asked to our Personalized Customer Service are answered in the above Automated Customer Service Features. FileYourTaxes.com recommends that taxpayers who may think they will need personalized customer service options to pay the Full Service Basic Fee, or to be sure that they add Personalized Customer Service to their return on the payment page as Personalized Customer Service may cost more if it is added after the return is filed. Personalized Customer Service will not be provided to any user unless either the user is a Full Service Customer, or has separately purchased the Customer Service Option.




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