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WebTV Users' Guide

FileYourTaxes.com provides the facilities to assist the WebTv users.

Many WebTv users are our clients and have been with us for years. We believe that we are the only OnLine company providing this specialized service. It is our understanding that printing is an inconvenience to most of the WebTv users. To alleviate this inconvenience, we found that the best approach was to provide paper copies of the return to the users. Those who have been with us previously, order these documents containing the mailing instruction and envelope(s) when required, directly as they are doing their taxes. Others, normally will place an order after the fact. These additional services are provided for free.

The reader may refer to the Pricing page for additional information. Also the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) contains many other items of interest for the user.

We look forward to assisting all members of the WebTv community.

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