About Online Tax Filing

The newest, fastest, easiest way to file your taxes.

OnLine filing came about in 1995 when FileYourTaxes.com, among others began accepting individual income taxes to be eFiled to the IRS, and later to the state governments. Today, FileYourTaxes.com is the only one of the original few who began OnLine filing still in the same form.

The beauty of OnLine filing is that it combines many of the services that were traditionally only offered by a paid preparer with the flexibility of self tax preparation through cloud based services. FileYourTaxes.com, guides you through the OnLine preparation process based on the information that you decide to provide. As you go through the OnLine process, you will benefit from the following services:

The fastest growing method to file your taxes.

In the recent years, new methods to file your income taxes have become available. The most important was the eFile. This method provides taxpayers with an acknowledgment from the IRS when the tax return is received. If  this acknowledgment indicates acceptance, it is presumed to be an official receipt of your tax filing. When you choose to eFile your tax return with FileYourTaxes.com, you too will receive this acknowledgment together with a Submission ID Number (Declaration Control Number if filed through the legacy platform). Additionally, we provide an Electronic Postmark (ePostmark) that is acceptable to the IRS and participating states, indicating the date and time of eFiling based on our system clock. Unfortunately, until tax software became available, that the taxpayer could load onto their computer, the only way to take advantage of the eFile was through a tax preparer. However, with the new loadable software came new problems; how do you back up your tax data, how do you install the tax software, how do you update the software during the season, or the next year, and so on. A better system needed to be developed.  This opened the door to the cloud based OnLine software.  Now, well over 100 Million personal Income tax returns are eFiled.

How it works.

Once the Internet began to grow OnLine Filing was developed to take the hassle out of individual eFiling and provide solution to these questions. When using FileYourTaxes.com OnLine tax filing, there is no software to install, virtually all contemporary computers are acceptable, no operating system limitations exist as long as conventional up-to-date browsers are supported, no electronic data back up is required by the user and there are no updates to make or worry about. FileYourTaxes.com takes care of all those things as one of the original cloud based organizations. All you need to do is answer the simple, on screen questions from your favorite web browser. All the information is encrypted while in transit to our secure servers. We do not sell or reveal any of your information to anyone unless you specifically tell us to do so. We keep your information ready and available for you so if you need a copy of your return next year, just log back in (keep your password handy) and print a copy then. It is as simple as that. Matter of fact, once you pay our regular fee, you can print it as many times as you wish and not pay a printing fee at all.

Try it free!

FileYourTaxes.com does not charge you for our service until you have completed all the data entry, review the results and then to choose to make payment at that time. There is no obligation once you start. Try it- if you like it (and we think you will), tell a friend, if not let us know why, so we can improve the system even more for you. Over the past years, most of our improvements have been motivated by our client comments, and most of our new clients come from existing client referrals!

So enjoy it, CLICK HERE and begin your tax return!