Special Terms That Apply to Free Services for the California Taxpayers

Welcome and thank you for choosing our site to file your taxes. We are very pleased to provide this service for your benefit. You will find that FileYourTaxes.com is an easy to use, user friendly, secure OnLine tax filing system, at your service anywhere, anytime where the Internet connection is available.

There are certain terms and conditions that apply to taxpayers using our system as part of our
FreeTax by FileYourTaxes.com
program and are referred to us by the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) website. This page outlines them to you. We strongly recommend that you read this page to determine the applicability and the extent of the free services available to you. This offer and limitations pertain to the CA state return, only.


The return must qualify to be eFiled on the FTB Form 540-2EZ. This offer does not apply to paper returns or other return types.


If the taxpayer has dependents and the filing status used is Married Filing Jointly or Head of Household, the total income shown on the return has to be under $25,000. For all others qualified to use the Form 540-2EZ, the total income shown on the return has to be under $10,000.


The taxpayer must be able to sign the return electronically (eSignature), using the Self Selected PIN method. To be able to use this signature, the taxpayer will be required to select a five digit number, other than all zeros, and provide the prior year adjusted gross income (AGI) amount as the shared secret. In the case where this AGI amount is not known or lost, the FTB should be contacted at 1 800 852 5711 to obtain this numeric amount.


Free services may be limited with respect to time of filing and are discouraged during periods of heavy traffic.


Only those taxpayers commencing their returns on our site, after coming to our website through (referred by) the FTB website will qualify for the free service. We track the referral link and establish if the referral was made by the FTB website's referring page. Those who arrive through other pages, or sites, or those who have already begun the process on our site do not qualify for the free service.


Free services are limited to return construction/preparation, eFiling and the printing of the completed return. The printing option may be available for limited time. Customer service is not an included amenity with the free returns and can be purchased for a fee as an additional option. You may also have us provide you paper copy of your return for a fee, via a common carrier.

We have a well-developed, automated eMail system that utilizes our proprietary Secure Messaging product. This system automatically informs the taxpayer of the disposition of their return based on information provided by the government's acknowledgment files, as well as anticipated answers to some commonly asked questions. If the return is rejected, instructions are included as to what needs to be done to cure the reject. If the return is accepted, the 8453-OL requirement is explained, if applicable. Further, our proprietary Automated eMail Response System is in service, where our computers "read" and provide and provide satisfactory response to a great majority of the submitted eMails. This level of Automated Customer Service is provided at no charge for all users. Any other level of customer service beyond the automated assistance described above will be available to the free filers only if they purchase the Personalized Customer Service option prior to, during, or subsequent to data entry process. This option may be purchased for a fee of $12.00 during the return entry process or for $15.00 thereafter. If the return is not customer service enabled, no response will be provided for Personalized Customer Service related inquiries.

We communicate with you via eMail. Therefore, you must provide an accurate and valid eMail address to us. This is also a Government request for OnLine filing. Additionally, you must make certain that you will receive eMails from our domain FileYourTaxes.com. For this reason, you must make the required adjustments to your eMail system, such as your filters, blocks, spam detectors, etc. Your eMail system must be set up to receive messages from us (for example taxman@FileYourTaxes.com). It is your responsibility to allow this communication. All of the communication we send will be text based. If you receive any communication bearing any address, including our domain, and also containing an attachment, DO NOT open such an attachment.

All matters pertaining to pricing is listed on our site and is one step away from our home page by clicking the "Pricing" link.

FileYourTaxes.com is the only truly OnLine company that participated in the original FTB OnLine Pilot program as well as the Direct Filing Portal processing of the general public level return volumes. Our complete system was built for this rapidly growing business specifically for the OnLine filer, rather than hastily modifying an existing product. We are platform independent. This means that virtually any computer that has connectivity to the Internet can use our system. In our growth and design, we are cognizant of the needs of all users. Therefore, our pages are virtually all html , text based and presumably can easily be translated for the purposes of individuals with special needs.

Concurrent with the technical superiority of FileYourTaxes.com, we are very concerned and vigilant in protecting the privacy of taxpayer data, be it financial or demographic in nature. Both the physical and electronic security is continuously enforced. Our site is secured with a GoDaddy.com Web Server Certificate and tested and certified by McAfeeSECURE.  You may find further information via the following link

Thank you for choosing FileYourTaxes.com. The system was developed for taxpayers like you in mind and we continuously improve it. Please share your thoughts with us and let us know to how we may serve you better. We look forward to serving you, your family, friends, and associates now and in the future with all OnLine filing needs whether they are for personal or business tax eFilings.